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With the mid-point of summer upon us we at FHR are beginning to gear up for fall.  New programs for the upcoming season are in the works and we hope to have a little something for everyone this year. As always we will begin new programs in October.  
To that end we'd like to gently remind you that dues will be due October 1st for the 2016 - 2017 season.  You can find the membership form on our website by clicking on "MEMBER BENEFITS" on the left side of this page and then clicking on "Membership Application".
We wish you an enjoyable rest of your summer and look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

Thank you for visiting our site. This was a very exciting year for us as we launched our new, and greatly improved, website.
We have articles of interest, blank genealogy forms, and member stories on a variety of topics.
Check out our links page. We are frequently adding new links and new categories. We have recently added Norwegian, Swedish, and general Scandinavian sites and will be adding Denmark and Finland soon. Also, soon, we will be adding new Canadian sites, Cemetery sites, and more for NY City.
All links have been checked and are working (some are large and load slowly) but if ever you find a broken link, please, do not hesitate to contact us.
We also have links to many free, and mostly free, websites. Additionally, there are country specific links and topical links. And, we promise you that there are many more to come.
We had an amazing season with many of our old friends returning and a fair number of new faces as well. We had four presenters this season with a wide variety of topics.  
Patti Kirk presented "The Elusive Female" which provided strategies for finding our female ancestor's surnames, "Vital Records from Indexing", "Immigration Law" designed to help perticipants navigate these ever changing laws, "Free Sites for Success" covering some old and some new sites, and a two for one class "City Directories and Hidden Census Answers".  In March she did a daylong conference on "Adoptions" and in May she did a special presentation for Mother's Day.
Deb Halacy did "Researching Massachusetts" discussing how to locate materials in the Bay State and best websites, "Thinking Outside the Box" in which she shared non traditional sources for research such as social media, eBay, YouTube, etc., "Forensic Photography" using markings, paper types, photo types, and other clues to determine who, when, and where, and, by demand, a class on "Best Photo Apps".
Carole Wiseman did two classes.  "Identifying Photos" in which the discussion centered on using clothing and hairstyles to identify a timeframe for a photo.  This class dovetailed nicely with "Forensic Photography".  She also presented "Black Sheep Ancestors" providing resources for finding ancestors in prison or other unsavory locales.
Merry Bering did a class on "Scots-Irish" in which she discussed when and why they came and best resources for research.
This summer we will, again, be working hard for you. We will continue to add resources to our website. And, of course, we will be working on the 2016 - 2017 class schedule.  I suspect there will be a DNA class or two.  Patti is developing new topics and towards the end of summer we will begin listing them here.
Until then we hope that you have a fun filled and relaxing summer so that you return ready to tackle new challenges.   We're looking forward to hearing about all of your summer adventures and bringing you exciting new classes in the fall.  
There is a new menu item on the left side of the home page, "U.S. Resources".  Here you'll find links to National Archives, Library of Congress, U.S. Gen sites, and Multi-state sites.  African American Links and Native American LInks hae been relocated here from "Links".
Maine State Library:
Contains many geneaology records and links including a listing of all available Maine City Directories.  To get there click on "State Resources" and then click on "Maine".  
There are a number of new sites in the "Military" menu:
National Archives Military Research
National D-Day Memorial
National Archives D-Day
National Gravesite Locator
American Battle Monuments Commission
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Daughters of the American Revolution
On our site you will also find information on becoming a member and the benefits that are for members only. Just beneath the membership benefits button you will find our "Lending Library".  Click on this link to browse our many books that are available for lending to members.
You can find a full listing of coming events by clicking on the "Events" button.  Once you click on the Events button you will see a calendar submenu.  Click on it to get the current, printable calendar.
In the future we hope to add fast facts, blogs, forums, timelines, and more.
It is our desire that you join us for a little or a lot as your time allows.  And, certainly, if you have suggestions we would love to hear them.
We hope that you find something, or many things, that spark your interest and that you visit us again as we will be regularly adding new material. 
So, grab a cup of tea, browse through our offerings, and enjoy! 

                  GENEALOGY HAPPENINGS:
Roots Magic will sync with Ancestry.com this December. In addition to Family Tree Maker, Ancestry.com will allow Roots Magic synchronization beginning in December 2016.  No exact date has been given for Roots Magic to be fully functional to sync with Ancestry but Ancestry did say that if you have the current version of Roots Magic the upgrade to sync with Ancestry will be free.  Check back in the fall for more information. 

July 28
The city of Miami, FL, was incorporated.
July 28
World War I officially began when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
July 29
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was authorized by the U.S. Congress.
July 29
England's Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married.