Welcome to our 2014-2015 Season

Family History Researchers is the only private, not for profit, genealogical research and educational group in the state of Florida. Our focus is EDUCATION. We offer classes, guidance, direction, and advice to ensure your research success.

We are serious researchers who have become close friends. We work together to achieve our goals, share ideas, and have lots of fun learning how to research our genealogical past. Sometimes the unearthing of additional information adds to our history, but manytimes it just adds to our mysteries. We are a group of almost 400 people meeting to share family tales while trying to prove or disprove our stories. We embody excitement and education as we bring the history of yesterday into the lives of today!

For additional information about our group please contact Patti Kirk at ckirkfirst@comcast.net. Come and check out our program, guests are welcome for the cost of class materials.

See our calendar for upcoming classes. You will find our printable calendars, monthly newsletters, and Dear Noah in the "Read Me Now" catagory. Membership applications now include a renewal form for existing members. We have added a catagory structure to the Free Websites to bring similar sites together. Educational Tips are now in alphabetic order.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our website this season and what it has to offer you as a member and researcher.  We will let you know through the newsletter of any significant changes that are made.

Please remember to scroll down the entire page to see all our topics and categories from “About Us” to “Education Links” at the very bottom left.

If you have suggestions or comments on this website, please email Patti Kirk at ckirkfirst@comcast.net. .

Important Information

To view some documents or calendars on the website, you will need a program called Adobe Reader. It can be downloaded for FREE by clicking on the link: Adobe Reader