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Family History Researchers (FHR) was created on October 7, 2007.
FHR is a non profit, genealogical and educational group.  We are not a Genealogical Society.  The difference is our emphasis on education, having offered over 240 classes within southern Florida.  Our classes are designed for all levels, from the novice to the advanced.
Our focus is education. We offer 8 classes each month at four different sites in south Florida.  We endeavor to solidify our relationship with our members with personal communication and lots of humor.  Our membership Director, Carole Wiseman, personally contacts each member monthly with reminders of classes being offered in their area. Carole also sends out our monthly newsletter to keep members informed about future events and new additions to our website.
On attending your first class , you will learn about the 3 S S S's.  This will put a smile on your face quickly!  The 3 S S S's represent the "So She Said" theory which merely reminds us to be careful of what family members tell you.  Family stories along the way become embellished.  Well meaning relatives share these stories to help build your tree but, remember, public records are stronger, verifiable, pieces of evidence and will lead you to success.
Here's another thought which we work by, the 5 P's
Stop in and take a sneak peek at any of our area classes.  Any interested person, member or not, is always welcome. We believe that the level of education, the strong, supportive bonds among the members, and the humor with which we approach our classes will hook you.  The smile you leave with will say it all!