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Our 2018 - 2019 season:  
It's hard to believe that summer has come to an end!  Pretty soon we will begin our classes for the new season.  We hope that your summer was a combination of relaxation and new discoveries.  Perhaps you've solved one of those "detours" that we seem to always be encountering.  As we gather again, we're looking forward to hearing about your many adventures this off season. 
There are a few changes that you should be aware of.   First, there will be an increase in the membership fee for this season.  We've not had an increase in quite sometime but prices of our websites, classroom fees, traveling expenses, etc. have continued to climb.  The new membership fee for this year will be $30 for an individual member and $35 for two members from the same household.  Our class fee will remain at $8.00.
Second, the structure of our schedule will change slightly.  The first meeting of each month will be a regular class on a topic of interest.  However, the second meeting of each month will be a lecture on selected historical topics.  Further explanation will be forthcoming.
We are looking forward to seeing you in October.
MEMBERSHIP FEE IS DUE NOW.  October first is the absolute deadline for 2018 - 2019.

Thank you for visiting our site.   We have articles of interest, blank genealogy forms, and member stories on a variety of topics.
Check out our many links pages. We are frequently adding new links and new categories.  All links have been checked and are working (some are large and load slowly) but if ever you find a broken link, please, do not hesitate to contact us.  We also have links to many free, and mostly free, websites.  Additionally, there are country specific links and topical links. And, we promise you that there are many more to come.  
You can find a full listing of coming events by clicking on the "Events" button.  Once you click on the Events button you will see a calendar submenu.  Click on it to get the current, printable calendar.
It is our desire that you join us for a little or a lot as your time allows.  And, certainly, if you have suggestions we would love to hear them.  We hope that you find something, or many things, that spark your interest and that you visit us again as we will be regularly adding new material.
So grab a cup of tea, browse through our offerings, and enjoy!

Changes are inevitable but it saddens us to have to say goodbye. 
Carole Wiseman has retired as our communications director.  Carole has been hard at work on her own genealogy with much success.  Also, her family has moved south, much to her delight, and, understandably, she wishes to spend more time with her children and grandchildren.
Deb Halacy will not be teaching this year.  Deb, too, has been devoting much time to her own research and has been greatly rewarded by unearthing close to 300 new ancestors from one recently discovered, but long searched for, piece of information.  So, she will be hard at work documenting all these "new" relatives.  In addition, Deb and her husband, Geoff, have recently welcomed their second grandson, Liam, who joins his 3 year old brother, Grayson.  Since they still reside in New York, Deb will be racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles.
We wish them both the best going forward and hope that they might find just a little time to drop in and say hello sometime this season.